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Welcome to Northwest Drilling

gallery06Northwest Drilling supplies contract drilling services. We provide expertise in concrete cutting, which includes all diamond core drilling, wall sawing, floor sawing, wire sawing, controlled demolition, exploration drilling of rocks, site investigation and much more.

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We can core drill holes from 10mm diameter up to 1.5m diameter at any depth. Northwest Drilling can saw concrete up to 600 mm (approx. 2ft) deep.

gallery11We are based in Northern Ireland but our service extends to Southern Ireland, the whole of the UK (England, Scotland & Wales) and mainland Europe. Northwest Drilling has successfully worked in many different countries and we are very happy to be able to mobilise our services in order to meet customer needs. We are equipped to work anywhere in the world, including the EEC, the Middle East and further afield.

Northwest Drilling has provided services for building contractors, civil engineers and a number of other areas in the building industry. Our services can be tailored to meet customer needs and are flexible enough to be able to work around difficult situations.

gallery17Some of Northwest Drilling's more recent core drilling services have involved working in environments such as airports, docks, waste water treatment plants, food processing plants and windmill installations.

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